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Bodybuilding Motivation Videos PART 2 by Jon Andersen

  Jon Andersen continues to share with us his motivational tips and advice in his Instagram account. In fact, his Deep Water Motivation Videos are the most sought-after videos of his followers. As his number of followers increases, that’s also how many people...

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Why Do You Need to Eliminate Carbohydrates From Your Diet

  There are a lot of benefits you can get when you cut off your carbohydrate intake. Some of these benefits are currently being intensely studied, while others are already reported by people who have done it and experienced its effective result in their diets....

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Bodybuilding Motivation Videos by Jon Andersen

As a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, and former strongman, Jon Andersen loves to share some daily motivation videos on his Instagram account. From fat kid to a professional bodybuilder, he wants to inspire people like him who once thought that achieving their...

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4 Nutritional Principles to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

  Jon Andersen’s Deep Water Method to lose fat and build muscle needs to be synced up with your diet to achieve its objective. Here are four nutritional principles to help you succeed. 1. Eat More Protein Stay away from the norm. Eat more protein than what the...

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The Story Behind The Deep Water Method

  Who is Jon Andersen? As someone who stumbled upon this blog, I must assume that you have known Jon Andersen as an American Professional Wrestler, Bodybuilder and a former Strongman. But, Jon Andersen has a physical embodiment of the “rags to riches” storyline...

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