About Jon

jon andersen

Jon Andersen’s work ethic allowed him to not only be incredibly big and strong, but also have an incredible amount of muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Jon burst onto the Strongman scene, turned professional and made team USA all inside of a 15 month time frame. Jon was contracted by the IFSA (international Federation of strength athletes) and went on to compete all over the world individually and as a part of team USA. He was in the top five of the American Strongman athletes and in the top 15 of the world for several consecutive years. Jon won the 2003 North American Championship and was part of team USA when the US team placed second in 2004 and third in 2005 & 2006 at the team World Championships.  

Strongman Individual Contests:

2002 New Mexico Strongest Man
2002 OSB – 2nd Place
2003 Azelea Festival – 1st Place, Earned Pro status
2003 Vegas Strongman Challenge – 6th Place
2003 X-TREME STRONGMAN Nationals – 8th Place
2003 North American Strongest Man Champion – 1st Place
2004 X-TREME Strongman Showdown – Boston – 4th Place
2004 Battle of the Beach – Venice, CA – 3rd Place
2004 Show Me Pro/Am – St Louis, MO – 3rd Place
2004 World Muscle Power – Qubec, Canada – 8th Place
2004 Strongest Man Alive – Philadelphia, Pe. – 3rd Place

2004 World Championships – Riga, Latvia – 18th Place
2004 GNC Show of Strength – 6th Place
2005 IFSA Pan American Championship – 7th Place
2005 World’s Strongest Nation – 3rd Place
2006 St. Pats tricks day festival, Columbia SC – 3rd Place
2006 Ukraine open – Kiev Ukraine – 2nd Place
2006 World Strong man challenge – Tulsa OK – 3rd Place
2006 Holland grand prix – Amsterdam Holland – 2nd Place
2006 Us Nationals – Columbia SC – 2nd Place
2007 St. Pats Columbia SC – 3rd place
2007 Charlotte national championship commentating
2007 Las Vegas armature nationals commentating Team Contests:
2003 All Nations Strength Challenge – 4th Place
2004 All Nations Strength Challenge – 3rd Place
2005 IFSA Team World Championships – 2nd Place
2006 World Strongest Nation – Kiev Ukraine – 3rd Place