jon andersen

Jon takes pride in being completely self made. Not afraid to make mistakes, not afraid to fail knowing that failure is a part of success. From the fat little boy with low self-esteem to three sport, internationally recognized, athletic careers; Jon is happy to share his game plans, principles and theories that allowed him to live not only one but three of his dreams. He shares not only his simple but effective steps to  develop discipline and work ethic, but also his organically developed dieting and training routines that have helped countless others reach goals never thought possible. Jon is the author of two books and countless magazine articles.  

DeepWater: Overcoming the Waves of Life Summary

Welcome to the world of DeepWater by Jon Anderson. In his own words Jon was a “fat, lazy, and scared kid growing up”. Battling dyslexia and constant abuse and bullying, Jon set out to find a way to transform his mind and body so he could overcome the waves of life. Today Jon is one of the most recognizable figures in the field of Strength Athletics. The course he charted into DeepWater years ago developed this scared kid into a 300lb behemoth that has made his indelible mark on the world of Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Professional Strongman, and Professional Wrestling. Follow along into the DeepWater way of life that will allow you to unlock your true potential. Whether you are seeking personal growth in the gym, relationships, work, your physique, or anywhere else in your life, DeepWater will be your personal guide to stretching your potential and unlocking your natural abilities.

FUEL: The Cycle of Greatness

Think about the goals and dreams you have had throughout your life. In your journey to reaching these goals, have you found yourself coming up short and having no answer as to why?

Monster Mindset

Learn the 3-min mind hack that gives you a 53% increase in strength without hitting the gym. Is it possible that you too can experience results similar to this by devoting only 3 minutes of your day to this simple and easy hack?

Is it truly possible to have a great physique, boost your testosterone and become a dominating alpha male without taking a performance-enhancing pill?


Every individual’s goals are different. Some may want financial wealth, whereas others might just want a successful family with an abundance of unforgettable moments. The common factor they have is that they are all things that would make our life a much happier one. No matter what your goal may be, the bottom line is that reading this book will teach you how to reach your goals.