Who is Jon Andersen?

As someone who stumbled upon this blog, I must assume that you have known Jon Andersen as an American Professional Wrestler, Bodybuilder and a former Strongman. But, Jon Andersen has a physical embodiment of the “rags to riches” storyline which everyone might haven’t known.

A self-described “porky and picked-on” kid, Jon is the youngest of his brothers and quickly discovered that his lack of athleticism would keep him overweight and unhealthy.

As soon as he entered high school, he has undergone a change of attitude towards fitness and began working out daily. In his young age, he realized that he could push himself farther than any other kid his age.

He discovered the profession of being a strongman after graduating from high school. He wanted to become a big, strong guy and took part in strength athletics such as carrying heavy concrete blocks and pulling cars or airplanes while making money.

However, while competing in 2007, Jon encountered a change of fate while experiencing a ruptured disk in his back. The surgery to repair his injured disk ended his strongman career, thus, he decided to pursue professional wrestling.

He flew to Japan and continued his venture as a professional wrestler for 6 years until he began to open his first training complex. His Training Performance Complex serves as a workout facility for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, nutritional coaching and young athletes.

Jon will never forget his “rags to riches” storyline upon success. He will never forget one thing that he always carries on his journey. A philosophy that uses the metaphor of swimming as far as you can and not worrying about how to get back. A simple lifestyle that helped him successfully traverse the tricky landscape that day-to-day life can present. The Deep Water Method.

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What is the Deep Water Method


As far as Jon remembers, the Deep Water Method was the only thing he depended throughout his career. The Deep Water Method became a way of life that he could rely on any situation.

He used the Deep Water Method when crushing the professional bodybuilding competition becoming the first strongman to become a pro bodybuilder, and the second man to do it in only two contests.

Deep Water was made by accident. It was born after his desire to become stronger, bigger, and leaner than everyone who ever hazed, picked on, or outperformed him. Deepwater is a fitness and diet plan that will provide a new and motivated outlook on life, and a roadmap to reach all your goals. It is about finally eating right.

Jon wants to share his secret with anyone who wants to become stronger, bigger, and leaner. He wants YOU to build lean muscle while burning fat. He wants YOU to become tougher than you ever thought possible. He wants to teach YOU to push past struggles and reach new personal heights. He wants to help YOU remain calm when those around you are melting down. The Deep Water Method will supply you with positive choices and options to better yourself on a daily basis.

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